Copper Plated Muddler

The process of muddling fresh fruit and herbs is a professional bartending skill that will take your cocktail from ordinary to extraordinary. The extraction process of your ingredients will bring a flavour to your beverage unlike any other type of mixer, giving you a name and a signature in the bartending world.

Not only is your reputation dependent on the taste of your signature cocktails, but also your showmanship and professional presentations. While this copper plated muddler is fantastic at perfectly muddling your ingredients with its grinder head, it also offers a very elegant style and look to your bar process. Your guests will not only remember the deliciously flavourful cocktail, but they will also remember the elegant and classy way it was made just for them.

  • Beautifully reflective copper plating
  • Measures 8.5" length
  • Desirable grinder head ideal for extraction