Blade Decanting Pourer

DesignWright has created an item that is as ingenious as it is simple: the leaf shape creates a large surface area, maximizing the wine’s interaction with the oxygen in the air. The front is transparent, allowing you to witness the transformation of the wine’s flavour and bouquet.

Four small holes on the front allow the wine to come into contact with even more air, improving the wine’s flavour based on the patented Venturi principle that Menu has made well known all over the world.

The result is incredible and highly noticeable. As we all know, wines release their true aromas when they come into contact with oxygen, significantly improving the taste experience. Blade adds 430% more oxygen to the wine. A result that no other decanting pourer on the market can match.

Blade aerates the wine so well that Eurofins named it the winner in an independent test of the world’s best decanting pourers.