Cocktail R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Kit

Learn how to deconstruct your favourite cocktails. Serve your mojitos in a large bubble that will explode in your mouth, bite into a layered martini or add a touch of airy lime foam to your tequila shots!

This all-encompassing kit includes five pre-measured food additives, three specialised molecular tools as well as a 30-recipe DVD that will facilitate the creation of your futuristic concoctions.

Natural texturing agents can now be used to deconstruct any dish thanks to 4 spectacular techniques.

SPHERIFICATION: Encapsulate flavours into bubbles that burst in your mouth

EMULSIFICATION: Create colourful foams that intensify aromas

GELIFICATION: Sculpt flavours into tasty pearls, raviolis or spaghettis

SUSPENSION: Create a floating effect of suspended fruits or molecular caviar

- 4 food additives (20 sachets)
- 3 pipettes
- 1 slotted spoon
- 1 set of measuring spoons
- 1 electric foamer
- 1 DVD of 30 recipes

Additives included:
- 5 sachets / net 25g - Calcium Lactate
- 5 sachets / net 10g - Sodium Alginate
- 5 sachets / net 5g - Xanthan Gum
- 5 sachets / net 10g - Soy Lecithin