Jack's Tonique & Ginger Beer Gift Set

There is one common ingredient found in all Jack's Soda's products: pure Quebec honey. They have chosen to sweeten their cocktail syrups and sodas only with honey from a local producer. Using a sugar that is not transformed, the other ingredients had to be as raw and fresh as possible.

The tonic is made directly from the cinchona bark and not from extracts. It also features lemongrass, ginger, lemon juice, lavender, and sea salt. The resulting tonic has a crisp bitterness, a good acidity, and floral notes that pair perfectly with the finest gins.

Besides honey, the Ginger Beer includes freshly pressed ginger juice, lime juice, Sichuan pepper, and sea salt. It offers the unmistakable heat of the ginger, laced with the perfumes of pepper and lime. Serve it with a good dark rum or a vodka and enjoy!

This gift set includes one 237mL bottle each of Tonic and Ginger Beer.

Made in Gatineau, QC.