Napa Valley Barrel Aged Orange Vanilla Bitters

This very small-batch bitters is made from real Tahitian vanilla pods and garden fresh orange zest steeped in Bourbon for over 30 days. Along with the vanilla and orange zest are a plethora of traditional, and nontraditional herbs and spices used in cocktail bitter making. After maceration the vanilla, orange zest, herbs and spices are strain out and the new solution is barrel-aged in New American Oak barrels for 5 months! During this time the bitters solution mellows out, intensifies and takes on some of the wonderful heady, woody vanilla of American Oak. The final blend includes a little 'secret special sauce' before it it bottled. An amazingly unique bitters that pairs wonderfully with Vieux Carres, Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, and your favorite Bourbon, Rye, brandy and rum cocktails.

Handcrafted in Napa, California.
2oz. bottle