Uisge Source Water of Scotland - Highland

We all know adding a few drops of water opens up a whisky, revealing the distinctive aromas and complex flavours. But, for the true devotee, is any old water really good enough to share a glass with as fine a spirit as single malt?
Surely it stands to reason that the best water to use is the water from the same region as the whisky. Using water with similar properties will retain the whisky’s true and original character.

Allow us to introduce St Colman, founder of several churches in the Highlands of Scotland during the 7th Century. It must have been thirsty work, for there is a well that bears his name to this day. St Colman’s Well, close to some of the popular Highland distilleries, is where we take our Highland water for Uisge Source. The water is filtered through red sandstone and limestone rock strata. So it’s hard and rich in minerals, as is the water used by the nearby distilleries. The locals were frequent visitors to the well over the centuries. Here you can still see several rocks with cup marks in them. It seems longevity was commonplace too, with ages of 117 and 107 being recorded.
Could a drop of Uisge Source change your Highland malt from the ‘water of life’ into the ‘water of longer life’? We’re sure you’ll enjoy finding out.

100mL bottle