Uisge Source Water of Scotland - Islay

We all know adding a few drops of water opens up a whisky, revealing the distinctive aromas and complex flavours. But, for the true devotee, is any old water really good enough to share a glass with as fine a spirit as single malt?
Surely it stands to reason that the best water to use is the water from the same region as the whisky. Using water with similar properties will retain the whisky’s true and original character.

Imagine you have been miraculously transported to Islay, ancient stronghold of the Lord of the Isles. You are squelching across one of the great swathes of peat bog that typifies the landscape hereabouts. As the water wells up over your boots pay it a modicum of respect. For this is the very peat-filtered water used to make the famous Islay single malts. And the same naturally acidic water that feeds our very own Ardilistry Spring, making it the ideal companion to the aforesaid malts. The spring lies just a couple of miles from the main Islay distilleries. You’ll find it on a single-track road heading towards the historic 8th century Kildalton Cross. Perhaps this proximity to an ancient Christian relic is no coincidence.
After all, when you add Uisge Source Ardilistry Spring water to Islay malt, the result is indeed very close to heaven.

100mL bottle.