Uisge Source Water of Scotland - Speyside

We all know adding a few drops of water opens up a whisky, revealing the distinctive aromas and complex flavours. But, for the true devotee, is any old water really good enough to share a glass with as fine a spirit as single malt?
Surely it stands to reason that the best water to use is the water from the same region as the whisky. Using water with similar properties will retain the whisky’s true and original character.

The date is 7th October 1859. A breathless Queen Victoria has just reached the summit of Ben Macdui, the highest peak in the Cairngorms. In her words “It had a sublime and solemn effect, so wild and solitary…I had a little whisky and water, as the people declared pure water would be too chilling.”
Well, that’s her excuse, as though any excuse is needed to enjoy a dram of Speyside single Malt.
Fast-forward to today and you don’t have to be Royalty to enjoy the right water in your Speyside malt. Our water is from The Cairngorms Well, one of Scotland’s highest natural springs. Emerging from the River Spey catchment and flowing over hard rock strata the water is soft and low in minerals, like that used by many Speyside distilleries.
There are over 45 Speyside malts. But, we would argue, just one water good enough to add to them.

100mL bottle